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“Is cheap motorcycle insurance a good idea?”



Since motorcycling is a seasonal hobby or means of transport for the majority of South African riders, cheap motorcycle insurance is highly sought after.

As with any insurance product take your time and do the research thoroughly before selecting a cheap insurance policy. Online is probably the best place to look as most of the big names insurers aren’t into the concept of cheap motorcycle insurance.

Be aware however, that while cheap motorcycle insurance may be relatively inexpensive, there are good reasons for this. The companies offering these policies have designed them from the ground up and excluded most, if not all, of the worst risks in order to make these products commercially viable.

What this means, in reality, is a long list of exclusions and limitations. And for some motorcyclists the scope of a cheap motorcycle insurance policy offers inadequate protection. It’s vital therefore to study the terms and conditions of any cheap motorcycle insurance policy to establish whether we are eligible in the first place and, secondly, whether it offers the insurance cover we require

If there is one thing motorcyclists agree on, it’s that motorcycle insurance quotes vary wildly in price depending on which company you ask.

Making sense of it all can seem an uphill struggle, but what are the factors that influence the price quoted by motorcycle insurance companies?

After age and experience, the next dominant aspect affecting all riders : security. Motorbike theft is rife, and after some big losses recently motorcycle insurance companies have hiked up prices to recoup their multi-million rand pay-outs.

Invariably, the thefts have occurred from outside the owner’s home, so garaging your motorcycle, especially if you live in a high risk area, is imperative.

Another insurance quote reducing tactic is to fit a Tracetec tracking and recovery satellite device. This unit will set you back about R900 for installation and R69 per month for monitoring. If you install this approved tracking device to your motorcycle, (if not a security requirement) you can expect to receive a premium discount from us!

Age and experience, as mentioned, are crucial in assessing your risk to an insurance company. While building up a No Claims history, it will be infinitely cheaper riding motorcycles with smaller engine capacities.



It’s also possible to make further in-roads into your quote price if you notch up a limited mileage. Motorcyclists who ride exclusively in the weekends will receive an extra discount from our insurer than motorcyclists who use their bikes for daily commuting!

While you cannot in real terms affect your age and experience, you can avoid adding to your burden by restricting who is covered to ride your bike. Sticking to named drivers rather than all drivers will help curb quote prices. One exception to this rule would be where all the named riders are young and inexperienced.

Finally, consider the level of excess you pay. By electing to pay more than the standard excess, the quote will be reduced. Just be sure that you really can afford what you volunteer to pay as an excess – or you may be left languishing with a bike that’s off the road for several weeks while you save up!

We at Liz O. Brokers provide instant quotes for your motorcycle(s). Why waste time going to websites that give you a quote but cannot actually arrange your insurance? We can give you a quote AND arrange your insurance.

Complete our quote form and fax or email back to us for your competitive quote. In most cases, we will email the quote to you instantly. You will have your free motorcycle quote from us without obligation and it’s completely anonymous.

Should you then be happy with our quoted premium, you can speak to us to finalize your coverage details and any changes.

Kindly note that this quote is based on the following criteria:

1. Cover is in respect of comprehensive, private use only. Should cover be required for business use, then an addition premium is required.

2. Cover for Quads, ATV’s and/or Off Road bikes will also be for comprehensive cover.

3. Copy of purchase invoice is required if motorcycle is purchased as brand new, reflecting engine and chassis numbers.

4. All second-hand motorcycles purchased privately are to be inspected by a relevant dealer or any Glasfit outlet, but any second-hand motorcycles purchased from a dealer, the invoice is required. Unless proof of previous uninterrupted insurance is supplied!

5. At inception of cover, copy of insured’s drivers licence is required otherwise no cover.

6. Cover for track schools is restricted to Class B, C & D only and an Enrolment Form must be submitted 5 days prior to the event, Note training for racing is excluded.

7. Bike trailers can also be included in your cover for an additional small premium. There is a minimum premium of R25 per month.

8. Accessories, like helmets, riding apparel, ect. can also be included in your cover for an additional small premium. But cover is excluded if stolen from unattended motorcycle / trailer.

9. CENTRIQ Insurance will underwrite this policy, but Trade Sure Underwriting Specialists (Pty) Ltd will do the administration.

Our security requirements are:

  1. Motorcycles with values from R40 000 upwards, a tracking device is required. This tracking device must be installed at inception of cover and proof must be sent to us otherwise no theft cover in force;
  2. Motorcycles must be kept in either locked garage or behind locked secure gates overnight – especially Quads. However, if it is kept behind locked gates, it must be locked to a fixed object with a chain and closed shuttle lock at all times or no theft cover will be allowed.
  3. It is warranted that security devices must be activated whenever the vehicle is left unattended or no theft cover will be in force.
  4. Motorcycles must be kept in either locked garage or behind locked secure gates overnight – especially Quads. However, if it is kept behind locked gates, it must be locked to a fixed object with a chain and closed shuttle lock.


Our first Amounts Payable (excesses) are:

* Basic excess for Motorcycles :

Download our excesses document


We require the following upon commencement of cover:

  1. Copy of registration certificate
    (which we will get from motorcycle dealer);
  2. Written proof of claim free group or no claim bonus;
  3. Copy of driver’s licence and ID;
  4. Copy of inspection form – if required for second hand motorcycles.
  5. Signed Proposal For


Here’s to safe and happy riding!


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