Business Insurance

Long and short term insurance for business is an essential for every business. We at Liz O Brokers understand how much work and dedication goes into starting your own business and ultimately purchasing your own operational equipment. You cannot always predict the future or pre-empt accidents. Accidents do happen and crime is a factor that cannot be ignored in our country.

Have peace of mind that we will be there to help you recover should you encounter such unfortunate events.

Commercial Insurance

It is equally important to have an insurance plan for your commercial equipment as it is to insure your business as a whole.We offer you a wide range of tailored commercial insurance packages.
In the event that your equipment has been damaged due to liability or unforeseen circumstances, it is wise to have a package that will cover you, ensuring that your business continues as per the norm as soon as possible.

Building Insurance

Building projects can be very long-drawn processes and they can last for months or even years. Typically some of the equipment has to be stored on on-site temporary storage,especially when the projects are longer. You need to insure your equipment to prevent setbacks in the event of theft, damage, liability or other unforeseen circumstances.

Home Insurance


Your home is your oasis and the place where memories are created. In the case that something happens to your house,we have tailored packages to make sure that you are able to repair your house timeously so that life can resume as per the norm as soon as possible.

Contents Insurance

Our contents insurance packages protect your personal belongings when they are in your home. Losing the items that make your house a home can be very traumatising and destabllising. Insure the items that make your house a home and have peace of mind that you will be able to restore the state of your home should any unforeseen circumstances befall your home.

Vehicle Insurance

Ensure your business is never brought to a halt because an unforeseen circumstance has befallen your business. Should your fleet of trucks, vans or other vehicles are stolen or damaged your business should be able to bounce back and continue as per the norm. We have packages that are specifically tailored to businesses like yours.

Car Insurance

A car is more than just a mode of transport that gets you from point A to B. It is your mobility and independence. For some people cars are also style statements and they are very close to their hearts. We understand the inconvenience that losing your car due to theft or damage, or
even an accident can cause in your life.

Marine Insurance

Our marine insurance packages cover you in the event that you lose or damage you ships, cargo, jet skis boats and other marine property. We will tailor a plan that covers you based on your property and not on a one-size-fits-all package. Marine insurance is one of our specialities.

Bike Insurance

For many people their bikes are their main mode of transport and others use it for sport and recreational purposes. Whichever one is true for you, you need to insure your bike so that in the event that something happens to your bike you are covered. We offer tailored insurance packages for your
bikes, ranging from bicycles, tricycles, to special bikes like pedicabs, rickshaws and even clown bikes.

Travel Insurance

When travelling for holiday purposes or for a business trip you cannot always pre-empt or predict unforeseen circumstances that you could come across, ranging from theft of your luggage. damage and even losing your belongings.
Request a quote to find a tailored short term insurance package to insure your luggage, electronics and all other
valuables that you may want to travel with.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles insurance is a specialised branch of insurance, thus you need an insurance plan that will suit your needs and cover you based on your particular motorcycle. For some people their motorcycles are their main means of transport, whilst others buy them for novelty. Either way you need an insurance package that will work for your personal needs.

Special Risks Insurance

Our tailored special risks insurance packages will protect you from risks that people in unconventional occupations such as professional sportsmen and stuntmen who engage in very high-pressure activities are exposed to that normal insurance would not cover. We may just have the right plan for you.

Public Liability Insurance

Our public liability insurance package is one that will cover you for damages which you may be legally responsible to pay for in the event that it has been proven that you were negligent in the accidental death or bodily harm or some form of injury to another person if you are proven negligent or guilty of damaging physical property.

Events Liability Insurance

If you are going to host a special event be it a wedding. a party or a public event we have tailored insurance plans that will cover your equipment. In the event that you are sued for bodily harm by the attendees of the event or if you are held accountable for the damage of the rented premise we
also offer packages to cover that too.

Contractors all risks insurance

As an independent contractor you may face operational risks like any other business owner would. You need to prepare adequately for those unforeseen circumstances. A good insurance package is the beginning of good risk management. We have tailored solutions to address these needs.
Speak to our consultants or request a quote to find a tailored package to suite your needs based on your risk profile and industry.

Plant all risks insurance

Whenever you are working on a project it is equally important to insure the plant or premises you will be renting or leasing for your project as it is to insure your equipment. In the event that unforeseen damage happens to the plant, like damage due to liability or weather conditions or other risk factors, with cover from
Liz O Brokers you will be able to recover from that smoothly.


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