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Would you like to protect yourself and your cycle with an insurance policy? Most cyclists, perhaps surprisingly, have no kind of insurance against theft or accident.

BUT with numbers of cyclists killed and injured on the roads increasing year on year, it is worth spending that little extra for the peace of mind.


Due to the fact that there is no legal requirement to insure a bicycle, most don’t and the authorities are reluctant to discourage alternatives to car-use, but for a relatively small cost a bike can be covered as part of a household insurance policy. This is often an easier and cheaper alternative to buying a specific bicycle policy – simply adding the bike to your home contents list – but this kind of policy will only cover up to a certain value, so it is only applicable to less expensive cycles!

In this instance, a specialist policy will be more appropriate, as it can offer more specific cover and benefits, such as replacing new for old and third party insurance! Our policy is especially suitable for cyclists who have more expensive bikes or are taking part in racing and other competitive cycling – even abroad!

Cycles are relatively easy to steal and resell, they don’t have the security devices that cars benefit from and many cycle users don’t have liability cover either to protect them from third party claims!

Have you also considered the cost of repairing your bike, or replacing it?

In these days of ever-busier roads, damage can easily be sustained yet you may find that cycle insurance cover can be arranged at an affordable worthwhile price, otherwise you could find yourself severely out of pocket!

What we cover :

Worldwide all risks to bicycles and accessories based on replacement values, as well as :

  1. Theft
  2. Hi-jacking
  3. Theft and damage incurred whilst in transit
  4. Damage incurred whilst training
  5. Damage incurred whilst participating in any event (International,
  6. National, Provincial, Club or Time Trial)
  7. Personal Legal Liability of R1 000 000
  8. Even just plain stupidness!
    Personal Accident Cover
    Included in your quote will be the most important piece of equipment – you! The one thing even Cyclesure can’t help you replace is your own body. Cyclists are extremely vulnerable on their bikes, as they are invisible to many motorists – nor do they wear heavy protective clothing or padding! With this in mind, medical expenses up to R2 000 for any accident will also be included in your quote – as well as Death or Permanent Disability cover of R10 000. This is in respect of racing events only!Optional Additional Cover is available:Cycle Hire (R10.00 pm optional cover)

In addition to the above, we now also offer a replacement cycle whilst yours may be repaired or replaced due to damage or loss at an additional premium of R10.00. Kindly let us know whether you wish this service to be included in your quote/cover.

ER24 SweatSAFE (R18/R45 or R66 pm per family optional cover)


Effective identification is often the key to accessing quality and rapid emergency care, where guaranteed or upfront funding may be required. SweatSAFE incorporates the ER24 SweatBand to identify you in an accident or medical emergency and thereby is able to verify your ambulance and hospital cover immediately. The ER24 SweatBand contains the emergency number 084 124 which connects to the ER24 call centre, and is embroidered with your unique PIN. By wearing your personalized ER24 SweatBand in an emergency, one call to 084 124 will enable the ER24 call centre to gain immediate access to your personal data file and details – including next of kin, medical conditions and details of your SweatSAFE cover and benefits with ER24 and Cyclesure – and enhance the speed and quality of the care that you receive. The elements of SweatSAFE include :

ER24 medical emergency/evacuation services on 084 124 – road or air
Hospital expenses cover by Hollard in event of accident injury – up to R50 000 per insured person for SweatSAFE50 (and up to R100 000 per insured person for SweatSAFE100). Covers sporting injuries
Free ER24 personalised identification.

Buddy Band (R20 once off)

Cyclesure have developed the Buddy Band which can be worn on the wrist or ankle and contains a pocket for personal and medical information. This information can be accessed in the event of an accident and could save your life!

First Amounts Payable (excesses) are:

  1. Basic Excess for claims inside SA = 5% of claim with a min. R250
    Wheels excess = additional 10% of the claim
    Theft / hi-jacking excess = 5% of claim, min. R250
  2. Basic Excess for claims outside SA = 5% of claim with a min. R2000
    Wheels excess = additional 10% of the claim
    Theft / hi-jacking excess = additional 10%.

Underwritten by: Hollard Insurance Company, 
but Cyclesure Underwriting Managers will do the administration

Quotes are subject to:

  1. Proposal with Statement of Values forms being completed to avoid complications when claiming
  2. Bicycles must be covered for REPLACEMENT COST! If your bicycle is under-insured, average WILL apply and only a rateable portion of your claim will be paid out!

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